A vast, remote land, dominated by the immensity of the Sahara desert and the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean: welcome to Mauritania! From the pristine shores of Banc d’Arguin National Park to the depths of the desert, running and traveling merge into a timeless adventure in the heart of the most pristine Sahara


Registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the Banc d’Arguin National Park is a famous sanctuary for birds that stop here along the migration routes between Africa and Europe. The Atlantic Ocean, with its shades ranging from turquoise to dark blue, creates a precious chromatic contrast with the golden beaches dotted with small and colorful fishing villages. On an excursion by pinasse, the typical local boat, you will discover the wonders and varied fauna of the park. The first stage of Sea2Sahara will take place within the boundaries of the park


The oases of Terjit and Mhaïrith are two green glimpses of rare beauty that open suddenly in the middle of the arid mountainous lands of the Adrar. After days of rock, sand and dust, the vision of the dense forest of date palms of Terjit, with its underground sources and waterfalls, is almost miraculous. During the second stage of Sea2Sahara, you will run along a wonderful stretch of desert that connects the two oases, with the ascent of a steep cliff overlooking the oasis of Mhaïrith, for one of the most spectacular passages of the race


Capital of the Adrar region, Atar is a perfect introduction to the Mauritanian Sahara region: lively, dusty, sometimes chaotic, the city is built around a beautiful market, an authentic mosaic of Saharan colors and traditions along the historic Trans-Saharan trade routes


One of the most fascinating and mysterious regions of Mauritania, the “Eye of the Sahara”, visible even from the Moon: the Richat Structure is an impressive geological structure, consisting of perfectly concentric circles with a diameter of about 40 km. On its edge, the tiny village of El Beyedh is one of the most remote outposts in the Mauritanian Sahara. Here you will visit the Desert Museum, a project created by the NGO “Bambini nel Deserto”. In the inhospitable desert landscapes between El Beyedh and Richat you will run the third stage of Sea2Sahara, the longest and most iconic of the entire race


Founded in 1147 by the Berber tribe Idalwa el Hadji, an ancient city of great wealth along the trade routes, today reduced to an almost completely uninhabited ghost town and engulfed by the sands of the Sahara, Ouadane is an unmissable stop in the wild Mauritanian east. Here you will recharge your batteries in view of the last kilometers of the race, with a day of relaxation “as a tourist” in the sleepy alleys of the old city, blessed by the remarkable hospitality of the local Berber communities


Seventh holy city of Islam, formerly a ksar and mythical market along the caravan routes of the Sahara between Marrakech and Timbouctou, Chinguetti is the true heart of the Mauritanian desert. Today its fascinating old town is a sort of open-air museum, complete with 24 libraries where it is still possible to consult some of the oldest manuscripts of Islamic culture. The fantastic final stage of Sea2Sahara will be held in Chinguetti, along with the award ceremony and the final part, accompanied by the songs and dances of the local population, for an unforgettable experience that will make you relive the glorious era of the rich trade along the Trans-Saharan caravan routes


The chaotic capital of Mauritania, the other side of an immense country: in Nouakchott, the proverbial ritual slowness of the Sahara Berbers gives way to the contagious frenzy of the Senegalese minorities, who flock to the immense beach of the city giving life to a colorful kaleidoscope made up of hundreds of boats, arms, voices and, above all, tons of fresh fish that are unloaded and sold daily in the amazing fish market of the city, one of the largest and most photogenic in all of Africa

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