Welcome to Mauritania! Reception at Nouakchott airport and transfer by 4 × 4 to the Berber camp on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean (1 h), 30 km from the capital

Transfer in 4 × 4 to the Banc d’Arguin national park (3 h), visit and excursion in Pinasse, night in camp with fixed tents in Cap Tafarit

STAGE 1 (23 km)
See description below

Transfer by 4 × 4 to the oasis of Terjit (6 hours), with a stop for lunch in Benichab. Night in a Berber camp in Terjit

STAGE 2 (42 km)
See description below

Arrival of the stage near Atar, visit of the market and transfer by 4 × 4 to El Beyedh (5 h). Night in a Berber camp in El Beyedh

TAPPA 3 (84 km)
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Day entirely dedicated to running, possibility of rest in the waistline at km 42

STAGE 3 (84 km)
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Arrival of the stage in the Richat Structure and rest. Transfer to Ouadane (1 h) and visit of the village. Night at the Berber campsite

Transfer in 4 × 4 to Chinguetti (1 h), city tour and lunch

STAGE 4 (21 km)
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Relax in Chinguetti, award ceremony and final party in a Berber camp

Transfer in 4 × 4 to Nouakchott (5 h). Visit the fish market and relax on the beach. Assistance for returning to the airport



#1 | CAP TAFARIT - RN 2 (23 km)

Off to the dances! Departure at dawn from the beach of Cap Tafarit. The first, flat kilometers of the route, run along the Atlantic Ocean, on fine sand. The route bends, without great variations in altitude, towards the interior, where the fine sand gives way to a more compact layer of sand mixed with salt, typical of the Atlantic coast. Arrival near Route National 2, Mauritania’s main road

Hours: 07:00 – 10:00

Refreshments: upon arrival (water, salts, fruit)

Terrain: fine sand – salt

#2 | TERJIT - ATAR (42 km)

Perhaps the most beautiful stage of the race: the Adrar marathon! Departure at dawn from Terjit. Once out of the oasis, a rapid ascent will take you to run the first few kilometers on a cliff with a wonderful view of Terjit. The journey continues with challenging ups and downs between the rock cliffs and the sandy valley floor, passing through the oasis of Mhaïrith. From here, the route winds through the spectacular mountains of the Adrar, along the ancient road that connects Mhaïrith and Atar, constantly rising on a stony ground. After crossing the pass, final descent, still on mixed sand and stone terrain, and arrival near Atar

Hours: 06:30 – 13:30

Refreshments: 21 km (water, salts) – upon arrival (water, salts, fruit)

Terrain: fine sand – stony ground – track

#3 | EL BEYEDH - RICHAT (84 km)

It is the day of the great challenge between man and the Sahara: the hardest stage, through many different types of desert. Departure from El Beyedh, and first few kilometers on wonderful expanses of red sand. From here, a first ascent will lead you through rugged stony ground, with continuous ups and downs until the edge of the Richat Structure, where the Life Base is located. From here, the path draws a half-circumference around the outer ring of Richat, through huge stones and black sand, to end with an iconic descent and the arrival in the exact center of the structure

Hours: 14:00 – 10:00 (+1)

Refreshments: 21 km (water, salts) – 42 km (water, salts, fruit, rice, tents for Life Base) – 63 km (water, salts) – upon arrival (water, salts, food 24 hours a day in Berber camp)

Terrain: fine sand – stony ground


The fantastic epilogue! Departure from Chinguetti. After the first few kilometers through the picturesque alleys of the old town, the silence and hostility of the Sahara return to reign supreme. The route winds through colossal golden dunes, and then descends back into the dry bed of the oued for the last extraordinary kms, with the skyline of the ancient mosques illuminated by the last sunrays of the afternoon as a background to the wonderful arrival at the finish line of Chinguetti, among wings of crowds cheering

Hours: 15:00 – 18:00

Refreshments: upon arrival (water, salts, fruit)

Terrain: fine sand – dunes – track


In all stages there will be checkpoints every 5 km, which will allow you to record times and manage withdrawals. Each competitor will have to pass them, and in case of failure, penalties will be applied


In all stages, assistance from the Sea2Sahara team will always be guaranteed, with 4×4 vehicles in constant motion along the entire route to supervise the smooth running of the race and the health of the participants

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