For each registration to Sea2Sahara, we will donate € 50 for the upgrading of the school in the Entkemkemt oasis, about 10 km from Chinguetti. The current building, only 80 sqm, does not satisfy the educational needs of more than 130 children of the village, and many of them are forced to abandon their studies as a child or undertake a hard journey through  the dunes to reach Chinguetti


By running Sea2Sahara you will contribute to the construction of a new building with two classrooms, new bathrooms and a fenced playground: you will give a better future to many Mauritanian children, for whom going to school will no longer be just a dream, but a beautiful reality


In the Race Village, Sea2Sahara staff will always be available to collect further voluntary donations for the construction of the school in Entkemkemt, as well as any unused materials, clothes and medicines to be donated to the local Mauritanian population

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